Behind The Scenes


Disable Identity server in sitecore 9.x

Sometimes we need to disable identity server in Sitecore 9 versions. As this is enabled by default.

Reset sitecore admin password to b in Sitecore 8.0 - 9.2

Sometimes it's necessary to update the admin password to default one, it might be because you refreshed your local copy of the database from production or you simply lost your password.

no registration found for extension 'managekeystorage' of type 'task' -Install

In my experience, this happened when we were using the wrong version of SitecoreInstallFramework to install Sitecore. Check the Sitecore documentation of which version of SIF is needed and install that before Installing Sitecore instance.

Deploy Sitecore-9.1.1 XP Scaled as Paas in Azure

Steps to install Paas environment in Azure

Step by step guide to install Sitecore 9.1

Install Sitecore 9.1
2/4/2019 powershell Azure-B2C Azure-ADid

Power shell scripts to get user info from B2C Tenant

Powershell commands to connect and retrieve data from B2C tenant.
12/24/2018 security http-security-headers http-headers

List of HTTP security headers that secure your site

There are a number of security headers that have been added to the HTTP specification that can provide defence-in-depth protection against certain vulnerabilities.
11/13/2018 sitecore-8 sitecore-roles sitecore-usermanager

Basic user role which can allow content editors to edit and publish

This is how to create a basic user role in Sitecore which can be assigned to content editors so they can edit and publish content.
11/13/2018 sitecore-8 sitecore-usermanager sitecore-roles

Content ediors cannot edit rendering parameters, datasource and placeholders

When your content editors are inherited just by the sitecore\Author role they cannot able to edit data sources, placeholders and rendering parameters.
11/13/2018 sitecore-8 sitecore-usermanager

Give Permission to presentation tab for content editors

Sometimes Sitecore content editors need to access presentation details so they can re-arrange the order of the renderings.
5/21/2018 extension-method sitecore-multisite

Extension method to get Sitecore start item or home item from any itemId on Sitecore multi-site environment

Extension method to get Sitecore start item or home item from any itemId on Sitecore multi-site environment
5/21/2018 sitecore-events

Sitecore Hyphenate Item name and set displayname to item name

It's better to make URLs in lowercase and hyphenate for SEO purposes. In case of Sitecore, URLs are generated based on the items created in Sitecore.
5/21/2018 sitecore-publish

Sitecore manual publish an item in all publishing targets and languages

Sometimes we need to trigger Sitecore publish on an item on all publishing targets and on all languages. Here is the way we can achieve it.
5/21/2018 sitecore-templates

Sitecore get all base templates for an item recursively

It's a good approach to divide all your Sitecore templates into small chunks. This helps re-usability of the templates.
5/21/2018 sitecore-scheduling sitecore-publish sitecore-events sitecore

Sitecore publish at specific time

Publishing Sitecore items at a specific time increase performance of the Sitecore website, rather than going without of box Sitecore functionality of running an agent every x number of minutes to do publish.
5/21/2018 sitecore-rendering-parameters glassmapper sitecore

Value cannot be null Parameter name objectToSwitchTo - Glassmapper Rendering parameters

Value cannot be null Parameter name objectToSwitchTo - Glassmapper Rendering parameters
5/21/2018 sitecore-best-practises

Better way of handling sitecore 404 pages

Out of the box Sitecore way of handling 404 error is to respond with 302 redirect the original request to "sitecore/service/notfound.aspx". Then "sitecore/service/notfound.aspx" will respond with 404 response code.
5/21/2018 sitecore-modals sitecore-client sitecore-device-editor

Custom name for rendering in presentation details

This is how to create a custom name for the rendering in presentation details.
5/21/2018 sitecore-custom-routes sitecore-api sitecore-best-practises

Creating a web API in Sitecore for ajax calls with in Sitecore context

Web Api's in Sitecore instance with Sitecore context.
5/21/2018 sitecore-buck sitecore-wildcards sitecore-best-practises

Global content sharing strategy for buckets and repositories in Sitecore

If you have a global section with a repository of items in Sitecore buckets and are shared between different Sitecore websites in a multi-site environment, here is the way how to deal it in a nicer way.